• What are Fire Hydrants?

    Private underground fire hydrants are connected to the mains water supply and located on private property

    – typically found on large premises such as hospitals and housing estates…

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  • Fire Safety Training…

    Here at Alphasafe, we are able to offer a range of exciting and interactive fire safety courses for your staff employees.

    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has made fire safety training a legal requirement for…

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  • Fire Safety Training…

    Alphasafe offer in depth courses that give trainees a full understanding of fire safety issues pertaining to effective evacuation procedures and methods of fire prevention.

    We provide you with a certificate after each service to ensure that your business is fully covered and compliant.

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  • What is a Dry-Riser?

    A 'dry riser' is a dry pipe that runs vertically and/or horizontally through the building with outlets on each floor.

    The main inlet is commonly found on the ground floor, enabling the fire brigade to connect their supply…

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    For further information on how we can provide you with the Fire Safety Training and Equipment and Servicing that your company requires to conform to the new Fire Safety Regulations!

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What is a Hydrant?

Hydrants Private underground fire hydrants are connected to the mains water supply and located on private property – typically large premises, hospitals and estates.   They should be easily identified by a yellow “H” sign and yellow hydrant cover with “FH” moulded into its cover.
  fire hydrant  

A Fire Hydrant is typically used by the fire & rescue service to supplement the water carried within their fire appliances for fire fighting purposes.

BS 9990:2006 requires Hydrants to undergo an annual test and inspection and a 6 monthly inspection by a competent person to ensure the hydrant remains ready and in a working condition for fire services use.

The responsible person should make periodical inspections of all Hydrants on a weekly and or a monthly basis.

Fire Hydrant ground
fire hydrant ground
Alphasafe can undertake all aspects of Fire Hydrant and associated equipment testing and servicing (brigade fittings, flat lay hoses etc). This is all carried out to works to British Standards using our own competent engineers and Fire Hydrant testing equipment.

Contact us for further information or testing!